Goals and Daily Workout

– To run a 5K and not be last.
– Maintain my present weight. Not gain 20-40 pounds like the doctor says is possible because of not having a thyroid.
– Be strong. Physical strength and the strength to stick with the program.
– Consistent weight training. I have done much better doing cardio workouts and you need both for a well-rounded program.
– See some abdominal definition. The insulin resistance makes it difficult because the majority of my extra weight is in my mid-section. I’m also short and short waisted, so neither of those things help.

Today was my “long”run. At 2.5 miles, it’s not very long but I am slowly getting there. The best part is how relaxed and happy I feel to actually finish and for the movement.


Run with the wind

Run with the wind
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I want to be a runner.

A year ago I was diagnosed with Graves disease which is an autoimmune disease which leads to an overactive thyroid. The only “cure” is RAI or surgery which either way kills your thyroid. Talk about wake up call! After I had the RAI, I started to exercise and take better care of myself. Walks around my neighborhood led me to restart the Couch to 5K program which I had tried a few years before. This time I found that the running actually stuck and I actually started to enjoy it.

My new goal is to actually run a 5K. I am lucky that living in Central Florida gives me many opportunities for that. So here is to my ability to live up to the name of this blog and to continued good health in living with thyroid disease.