Food Love

Just came back from the store with a few items for our upcoming trip.


Nothing has done more to help my digestive issues than having Kefir or a drinkable yogurt like the Siggi’s everyday. I mostly use it in cereal instead of milk but also like to drink it.


Single servings so you don’t have to pick just one. Makes everything taste better.


These are for J. It was difficult to wean him off of Pop Tarts and super sugary cereal but we can compromise with these.

Chili Lunch

Todays lunch and last nights Man Meal of Turkey Chili.

– Ground Turkey Breast

– Three peppers (assorted colors)

– Garlic

– Chili Powder

– Ground Cumin

– Red Pepper

– Two cans of (BPA- Free) kidney beans

– One tetra-pack of diced tomatoes (24 ounces)

Served here on bed of greens and topped with a bit of salsa. Easy and a huge crowd pleaser.

Now I have to pack, do laundry, and find a bathing suit that is neither horrible and makes my butt look cute.


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Friday For the Win

Today was not only a jeans Friday but a Friday before a three-day week-end. You could just feel the elation coursing through the air at work. 4:30 could not come soon enough.

Being Subway Friday, I was in the shopping plaza near my house and needed to run into Target to pick-up a rug so I can finally use our elliptical trainer again. The past week I have noticed a slight odor (maybe a funk?) on my workout clothes and have been thinking about getting a few new pieces.

I remembered reading about this cute workout shirt on Meals and Miles and wanted to see if I liked it.

At $19.99 and in bright colors I was sold.


So was Tail.

I tried on a running skirt for the first time. It was comfortable but I am undecided on whether I would like to run in one or not.

Dressing Room

This was the shirt in a small, I ended up going with a medium which was much more flattering.

I carry water everywhere. In Florida, water that is unfiltered can taste gross but I do not drink bottled because of the BPA’s and waste.


The red one is my everyday water bottle but it is huge and doesn’t fit into my cars cup holders so I needed to downsize. The new one was $10 and BPA free.

Today’s workout did not go as planned. It has been storming nearly everyday this week. It finally stopped and I ran (to run) got a quarter of a mile into it and the storming began.


All this rain cemented my decision to join a gym. If I want to train consistently during the rainy (lightening) season, I need to be able to run indoors.

How was your Friday?

Memorial Day

Last night J and I went to a Memorial Day cookout with some friends. I had a good time (maybe too good) because I do not think my stomach can handle a workout today. I tried to take pictures but beer + camera equals awesome shots of feet and (my) fingers covering the camera lens.

It is always nice to spend time with friends especially when said friends have a boat and the weather is beautiful.

So here is to a day of TV watching, couch sitting, and book reading. Hope everyone enjoys the holiday as much as I have (and will).

Breakfast and a new friend

Good morning!

I am up bright (it is actually still dark out) and early for work. I go in at 7:30, so I usually get an early start.


Coffee Black

05 23 11_0369

Shredded Wheat, Uncle Sam’s, Wheat Germ, Banana, and Strawberry Kefir.

05 23 11_0370

J made a new friend when we were running errands this weekend.

Bird 1 bird 3 Bird 2

I have to finish getting ready for work. Hope your have a great day (even if it is a Monday).

Race Day Morning

I already had my one cup of coffee because I cannot leave my house without at least one in the morning. We will be out the door by 6:30 to head over to Reunion.

The weather looks perfect. Only in Florida would 90% humidity at 6 AM be perfect.


The 5K is for a really great charity if you are looking to donate. Please check out The Sunshine Foundation, they work with sick children.

Is it the weekend yet and Subway Friday

My company recently made a sales goal and we get to wear jeans today! I cannot express the absolute elation this makes me feel. I dislike dressing up and have zero fashion sense, so if I can wear jeans with a polo, I am a happy girl.

J and I have a tradition called Subway Friday. I cook most days of the week but Friday is my rest day from exercise and cooking. We eat the sandwiches and catch up on some TV and generally lay about like Hedonism Bot.

Lunch today was roasted vegetables over whole grain couscous with a crumble of feta on top. Great leftover from Wednesdays dinner.


Wish me luck on my race tomorrow. I hope to have tons of great pictures because people are encouraged to wear costumes.

Do you have any food traditions?