Weekly Workouts 7/17/11

A little late this week but it still counts!

Sunday: Long run just under 4.5 miles

Monday: Power Circuit Training with Jackie Warner

Tuesday: 1 Mile warm-up at easy pace followed by 3x Hills and a 1 mile cool down. Nike Training Club for 30 minutes.

Wednesday: 30 Minute Elliptical plus full body strength training.

Thursday: Running 45 minutes easy pace

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 5 Mile Long Run

Weekly Goals:

Relax! I’m taking sometime off this week to relax with J before he goes back to school (and I only see him over a book) for the next year.

Keep being consistent. Planning my workouts and sticking to the plan works for me. I have been blowing off some of my strength sessions lately and am noticing it.

Get organized. I really need to clean out my car and get my office in shape.

In other news, I came in to work this morning and Norka’s desk looked like this.

Fancy Desk

My desk looked as crappy as ever but at least it did not get leaked on from our leaky ceiling.

What are your goals for this week?


Weekly Workouts 7/12/11

Sunday: Elliptical 30 Minutes & Upper Body Strength

Monday: Rest (I have a meeting with county DEC after work.)

Tuesday: Run 45 minutes at an easy pace

Wednesday: Jackie Warner Power Circuit Training Full-Body

Thursday: 1 Mile warm-up at followed by 3x hill repeats at 8min/mile with a 1 mile cool-down & Abs

Friday: Elliptical 30 minutes or more & Lower Body Strength

Saturday: Long Run at easy pace of at least 4 miles


Get more sleep. I end up getting into bed at a reasonable hour most nights but often end up watching TV in bed. Terrible I know!

Be positive. I have a tendency to focus on the negative and really want to work on that.

Keep being creative with healthy meals that J will eat.

Keep my mileage going up. I am kind of in a rut with my running workouts. It has been difficult to get passed 3.5 miles. I do not know if it is the heat or a mental issue but with half training starting at the end of the month, I really need to get there.

What are your plans/goals for the coming week?


June was rough on running. My mileage went way down due to being sick.


The Good

I did do my first Virtual 5K.

I started to plan out my weekly workouts again.

Worked on a new recipe that is J friendly.

Ate at CRAVE, Emeril’s Orlando, Bar Louie, and D’Oro Palazzo.

We rescued a dog and a pigeon.

The Bad

My computer died.

Book of the Month

They Call Me Baba Booey by Gary Dell’Abate and Chad Millman.

Gary_D._ Source

Even if you are not a fan of Howard Stern, this book is touching, funny, and interesting. There is a good mix of Gary’s early and later years. Growing up with a Mom who is crazy. How living in his house made him the perfect fit for radio and later as Howard Stern’s producer. The most touching and tender part is the death of his brother to AIDS.

The book was a quick read and I would definitely recommend it.

Goals for July

Start training for my first half (This starts on July 31st)

More consistency with my mileage. It is crunch time and I need to have double digit weeks again.

Stick with the weekly workouts.

Organize my office at home. I made some headway with my books but still have a ton to do in that room.

How did June stack up for you?

May in Review

May was filled with good times.

Bern’s Steakhouse 


Great memories.

Two Years Ago Today

A 5K for charity that was a ton of fun.

Run 4 Dreams Race Report

My mileage was on target.


I got a lot of workouts in.


Getting a Garmin is helping me stay on track for my goal of running a half in November. It is also helping me get a feel for how fast (slow) I am actually running.

Goals for June 

  • Start adding a day of hills on June 12. That is about a year since I started to run.
  • Continue increasing my mileage until I start Half training at the end of July. Would like to see all weeks be double digit mileage weeks.
  • Cross train on non-running days. Make sure to keep this varied to beat boredom and keep from getting to used to anyone one set of exercises.
  • Run at least one race in June.

Did May turn out the way you hoped? What are your goals for June?

March and Goals

I have been sick with a head cold for the past few days. Being home sick from work makes me think about my goals. Right now, my job is a dead-end. I do not particularly enjoy it, I am not well-paid, but with my husband in law school full-time and the terrible state of the economy (especially in Florida), I am obliged to keep it. 2011 is the year I turn 30 which seems somewhat monumental. It is also a year that I would like to start righting myself, pushing myself in the right direction. That way when J is done with law school, he is at the end of his first year, I will be ready to make big changes in my life.

One place where I am achieving is in my running. I am still on the slow side but am slowly picking up the mileage. Each month since I started tracking has increased (minus the short month of February). 

Dailymile March 11

This month I ran a PR (35.24) 5K in the Shamrock Walk and Run 5k. This was my first local 5k and the first where there was a run with your dog component.

March featured my first giveaway. Silk Giveaway which was fun and I hope to be able to do more of.

My longest run so far has been a 6.51 long run from March 19th. I have really started to incorporate slower long runs and am really enjoying running slow.

Are you working on any current goals, running or otherwise? What are you doing to obtain them?


Total miles: 34 miles. Five less than last month but a stomach bug caused me to miss one run.
Cross Training: Assorted Walk Away the Pounds and 30 Day Shred level three. I am so desperate to shake this up but am stumped as what to do. I would like to join a gym but the cost is prohibitive. Buying a bike is also cost prohibitive. Maybe I need to get a second job to finance my workout needs?
Race: Run Around the Pines. My second race was as amazing as the first. I enjoyed every second and am anxious to do more.
Upcoming Races: Shamrock Walk & Run on 3/12 in Winter Haven. This will be my first race close to my house and the first one in the afternoon. I am so excited that J will actually be able to attend this one (and maybe get actual photographic evidence of my running).
Song: Young Blood by The Naked and The Famous. The use of this in the Chuck/Sara proposal scene on Chuck just makes me love it even more.
Book: I finished the Mockingjay which is the third book in the Hunger Games series. With the adventure, the intrigue, and the love triangle, it is no wonder this series is such a big hit. Please read these books if you have not.
Training Goals: I have decided to run a half marathon in 2011. The St. Pete Women’s Half takes place at the end of November, which gives me plenty of time to train. According to Jeff Galloway, a runner should have a solid year of running before they move out of their base (mileage) building phase. One year is in August, which gives me 16 weeks before the half. 
Tail on a cabinet trying hard not to be bad.


New Years

Today is a day when many of us recap our year and think about aspirations and hopes for the coming year. For me 2010 was the year that I lost my thyroid. When I saw a doctors frequently and have attempted to learn to live with a chronic, incurable disease that will effect my life in many ways.

My favorite thing this time of year is all the top ten lists ranking anything from movies to music to new items. Here are two lists of my own.

What I learned:

1. I like to exercise. The movement whether it be a Leslie Sansone DVD or running, the movement makes me feel better. I think this is especially important for people who have metabolic disorders, getting their heart pumping can really help with the sluggish feeling.

2. Eating whole foods, made from scratch is worth the extra time and effort. I have always been a relatively healthy eater but the thyroid problems really kicked it into high gear. I lived the last five plus years of my life with an extremely high metabolism that changed my eating habits. I was hungry all of the time and I could eat tons of food, without gaining weight. The RAI which took my thyroid has changed all of that. I cannot eat large meals any longer and eating more than I should or missing workouts, shows on the scale rather quickly.

3. I have to be my own advocate. Pay attention to what tests the doctors are running and keep track of your blood work. I have good days and bad days but it helps to be mindful so I can tell the doctors if something is not working for me.

4. My work life is in a rut. I do not like my job and want to do something different. This past year dealing with health problems has made me want to enter health field. I would like to become a Registered Dietitian.  

What I want to accomplish in 2011: 

1. Learn how to sew. I bought a sewing machine recently and would like to eventually learn how to make my own clothes.

2. Run at least one race. I have been afraid to enter a race. I have the mileage to do a 5K but it is hard for me to try new things. I do not want to let fear hold me back from something I really want to do.

3. Garden. I started a garden in 2010 that did ok. Recently, I purchased new seeds and am ready to replant. I want to be able to grow some portion of the food we eat. At this point, with my husband in school full-time, and my low paying full-time job, this savings will be significant and this way we can eat organically grown produce.

4. Be kind. I rush around a lot and have a long commute that tires me out everyday. That is not an excuse to snap at people.

5. Run farther. Continue to increase my mileage slowly and safely to avoid injury while not doing more than my body can handle. I want running to continue to be something I enjoy and not a chore.

6. Have gratitude. The past few years have been so difficult economically on many people. I am grateful that even though my husband lost his job, we were able to keep our home because our family is generous and was able to help. 

7. Start to take the classes I need to get ready to go back to school after my husband is finished with law school.