Guilty Pleasures

1. Cheesy summer TV. I am not one for reality shows but give me teens, throw in some supernatural/superpowers, a little bit of romance, and I am hooked. Enter The Nine Lives of Chloe King.

It’s a new show on ABC Family based on a series of books. I may have already purchased said books to read after season one is over.

2. Online shopping (browsing). I would barely call it shopping because I usually close the site down before actually purchasing anything. Also see Etsy. Have you ever seen so many beautiful items on one site?

3. Nut butter. Ask anyone who eats lunch with me regularly, I eat a sprouted bread/nut butter sandwich nearly everyday. What they do not know is that breakfast and sometimes dinner also includes the substance. Oh well, I run so I can smear bananas in nut butter.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Please check out the awesome response that Adam The Boring Runner received for his virtual 5K. I am only a third of the way into reading the race reports but most are funny and informative. (You can also check that I did not come in last even though I ran the slowest 5K in my life.)


Man Meals: Southwest Buffalo Burgers

If you read my previous post on Man Meals, you know that I am searching for quick, healthy meals that J will actually eat. He is not a picky eater but he thinks healthy food is boring.

I do not eat beef of any kind but will eat poultry. I tend to cook vegetarian meals but try, when I do cook meat, to use sustainable sources.

You start with ground buffalo.




Make them into four patties (I typically will make J’s larger than mine).

Season the patties with chili powder and salt/pepper.

Cook on the stove (or grill). Drain off excess fat. 

Place between toasted sprouted bread smeared with mashed avocado. Top with sliced jalapeno and salsa. I put extra lettuce greens on my burger.


Serve with roasted veggies (J did not eat these).


Ta da….


Man Meal number one or Southwest Buffalo Burgers.

Off to watch Falling Skies. I love summer TV.

Weekly Workouts

I need to get in the habit of following a plan before my half training starts. This will (hopefully) prevent the time waste on non-running days deciding what to do.

Sunday – Power Circuit Training with Jackie Warner full body

Monday – Three mile run at easy pace

Tuesday – Nike Training Club App. plus Abs

Wednesday – One mile warm-up followed by 4x Hill Repeats and a two mile walk

Thursday – Walk Away the Pounds DVD

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Long Run Five Miles

Do you like to plan out your workouts?

Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting

After a productive virtual 5K, I cleaned myself up and headed to IKEA with J. Why we decided to do this on a Saturday beats me but we must be crazy. It was as busy as you can imagine and just miserable. (Especially when after spending an hour planning out a filing system for our front room, J realizes that the last piece he needs is discontinued.) So we grabbed the one table we came in for and hightailed it out of there.

Finally, there was food.


CRAVE is a chain restaurant but they only have one location in Orlando. I am not sure why, but Orlando gets a lot of these chains with one location in Florida. They may use it as a testing ground but it is great if you are local because there is always something new opening.

The concept is American food (plus an immense Sushi Bar) that is fresh and local whenever possible. We have eaten here several times and always enjoy it.

J had a vodka martini with blue cheese stuffed olives and bacon.


He also had an appetizer of thinly sliced beef on a fried mint leaf with some veggies.

Beef App Edited

Toasted Lager for me.

Toasted Lager

I had a salmon salad with blue cheese and walnuts. It was huge and really good.

Salmon Salad

A side of risotto with peppers and kalamata olives.


Pasta with scallops and shrimp for J. He would order it with double the scallops next time because they were cooked perfectly.

Scallop Pasta

The rest of the night may have included playing The Sims 3 until the wee hours of the night. Yay for having a working computer.

Sweat Your Thorns Off 5K

I participated in the Sweat Your Thorns off 5K hosted by the (not so) Boring Runner. This was my first run in ten days after getting over the Chest Cold of 2011. It felt good to run again but I knew this 5K was not going to be speedy (not that I have ever run any speedy race but you know what I mean).

I decided to run at Lake Eva Park.


The temperature was actually a cool 80 degrees thanks to the massive thunderstorms we had yesterday. It was still quite humid.


Please ignore how gunky my phone is.

My first mile felt great but I kept it slow with an average pace of 13.09.

I love this park has so many old trees. With all the new development in Florida, it is not something you see everywhere.




It wouldn’t be Florida without some palm trees.



Mile two was slower with an average pace of 13.41.

The nice thing about Lake Eva is that it takes me past one of my favorite places in town.


Mile three was by far the slowest and where the heat started to get to me. It had an average pace of 15.07. I think it will take me sometime to get back into the swing of things after almost two weeks off.


It felt great to run again and I enjoyed participating in a virtual 5K.

Have you ever done a virtual 5K?

A Few Things

1. I’m back! I have been laying low because my computer died a few weeks ago and I have had a chest cold that forced me not to run. J finished my computer last night and my cold is completely gone which is just in time for Adams’ Sweat Your Thorns Off virtual 5K tomorrow.

2. True Blood. It starts on Sunday and I cannot wait. I love the books and the show. It really means summer to me when True Blood starts.


3. Man Meals. I have asked J to give me his impartial rating on a few recipes. The first was fish sticks with potato chips and a cabbage slaw salad. I need to healthify the recipe a bit before I share but this will be Man Meal number one. 

Emeril’s Orlando and Dad’s Day

Last night J and I went to Universal City Walk.


Not sure when the last time we went the but it has been a long time.

We walked around a little looking for a place to eat. Then looked at the menu for Emeril’s Orlando and were sold.

I started with a beer. Not sure of the name but one I had never tried before. I only had the one with still being sick.


I was not that hungry so ordered a salad (Emeril’s Salad) which was really good. Love sundried tomatoes.


I also had flat bread (White Truffle Confit Cremini Mushrooms, Gruyère Cheese, Black Truffle Emulsion). Yum but huge had a ton to bring home.


J had the tasting menu which included many courses.





Plus a dessert which was really good (pecans, cream, and cheese cake).

Overall, I give Emeril’s Orlando a big thumbs up especially for a theme park restaurant..

Happy Dad’s Day to my Dad! We don’t get to see each other much but I enjoy our chats.