To Gym or not to Gym

I want to join a gym. My cross training needs to be more intense and I am getting so bored doing exercise videos. At this point with running, about six months in, I run three days per week. I do one long run on the weekend and two 30 minute easy runs during the week. The cross training, especially until I can run for longer distances as I progress, is important for fat burning and overall fitness improvement. There should be an easy solution but here is the problem, which gym do I join?
I work 36 miles from home in South Orlando. This area has tons of gyms. A Golds, Planet Fitness, and many assorted personal training/studio classes type places. Near my house, which is in Polk County and is rather rural, there is an Anytime Fitness that is pretty small and does not offer any classes and a LifeStyle Fitness which is 30 minutes in the opposite direction of work.  Would it be better to join a gym near work, to go before or after work or the tiny one near my house? Can you get by with cross training without a gym? Maybe buy a bike?
Are there DVD’s that you particularly like to help beat boredom? Right now I do a lot of Leslie Sansone and and 30 Day Shred for strength training.
One of my favorite blogs, fANNEtastic Food is having a contest where the winner will receive a $50 shopping spree. If you have never been to this site, Anne is very likable and motivating with great pictures and wonderful recipes. Please check here to get the contest details.

Tail the cat being lazy and cute.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

First 5K Race Report

First 5K (5.2K officially): Awesome!

I ran the Seasons 52 5.2K on Saturday and had the most wonderful time. The course was flat, with few turns and takes you through a beautiful neighborhood.

Things I noticed:

– Winter Park has some beautiful houses.
– The festive atmosphere is very motivating. From the people in their driveways cheering us on, to the kid volunteers yelling and whooping as we passed by.
– Crossing the finish line was a mixture of relief, pride, and euphoria.

My stats were 38.49 chip time with an average of a 12 minute mile. This is pretty on target of where I wanted to be. At this point, my goal is to finish and enjoy myself. I did both.


My top five fears for my first race on Saturday:

1. Tripping and falling on my butt
2. Huffing and puffing so hard that I cannot finish
3. Being last
4. Getting lost on the way to the race/Being late/Unable to find a place my unable to parallel park self can park
5. Looking foolish

These are fears that I know are irrational, minus the getting lost one which anyone who knows me is very likely to happen, but they still flash through my head. One of the reasons I want to run in this race is to help overcome the fear of the unknown, of doing something different. That it is OK to look foolish or be last or huff and puff with a bright red face.

See you at the starting line.

First 5K

Los Angeles Marathon
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I have wanted a 5K for awhile. A mixture of fear and indecisiveness has prevented me from doing one up until now. Am I ready? What if I embarrass myself? What if I keel over and pass out by the side of the road? What is the right race? A big one or a small one? What should I wear? I may be the queen of second guessing.

This afternoon a runner in my office mentioned the Seasons 52 5.2 K. N is a really nice guy who is a super positive person. His excitement really made me feel like this is something I can actually do. He ran the race last year and told me how nice is. It runs through a pretty part of Winter Park that has lots of cute shops and older architecture. This was all the encouragement I needed.

I hope this race will be just the beginning. That I can have a positive experience and feel good about accomplishing something. Here is to two weeks and finishing.