Food Love

Just came back from the store with a few items for our upcoming trip.


Nothing has done more to help my digestive issues than having Kefir or a drinkable yogurt like the Siggi’s everyday. I mostly use it in cereal instead of milk but also like to drink it.


Single servings so you don’t have to pick just one. Makes everything taste better.


These are for J. It was difficult to wean him off of Pop Tarts and super sugary cereal but we can compromise with these.

Chili Lunch

Todays lunch and last nights Man Meal of Turkey Chili.

– Ground Turkey Breast

– Three peppers (assorted colors)

– Garlic

– Chili Powder

– Ground Cumin

– Red Pepper

– Two cans of (BPA- Free) kidney beans

– One tetra-pack of diced tomatoes (24 ounces)

Served here on bed of greens and topped with a bit of salsa. Easy and a huge crowd pleaser.

Now I have to pack, do laundry, and find a bathing suit that is neither horrible and makes my butt look cute.


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