June was rough on running. My mileage went way down due to being sick.


The Good

I did do my first Virtual 5K.

I started to plan out my weekly workouts again.

Worked on a new recipe that is J friendly.

Ate at CRAVE, Emeril’s Orlando, Bar Louie, and D’Oro Palazzo.

We rescued a dog and a pigeon.

The Bad

My computer died.

Book of the Month

They Call Me Baba Booey by Gary Dell’Abate and Chad Millman.

Gary_D._ Source

Even if you are not a fan of Howard Stern, this book is touching, funny, and interesting. There is a good mix of Gary’s early and later years. Growing up with a Mom who is crazy. How living in his house made him the perfect fit for radio and later as Howard Stern’s producer. The most touching and tender part is the death of his brother to AIDS.

The book was a quick read and I would definitely recommend it.

Goals for July

Start training for my first half (This starts on July 31st)

More consistency with my mileage. It is crunch time and I need to have double digit weeks again.

Stick with the weekly workouts.

Organize my office at home. I made some headway with my books but still have a ton to do in that room.

How did June stack up for you?


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