Friday For the Win

Today was not only a jeans Friday but a Friday before a three-day week-end. You could just feel the elation coursing through the air at work. 4:30 could not come soon enough.

Being Subway Friday, I was in the shopping plaza near my house and needed to run into Target to pick-up a rug so I can finally use our elliptical trainer again. The past week I have noticed a slight odor (maybe a funk?) on my workout clothes and have been thinking about getting a few new pieces.

I remembered reading about this cute workout shirt on Meals and Miles and wanted to see if I liked it.

At $19.99 and in bright colors I was sold.


So was Tail.

I tried on a running skirt for the first time. It was comfortable but I am undecided on whether I would like to run in one or not.

Dressing Room

This was the shirt in a small, I ended up going with a medium which was much more flattering.

I carry water everywhere. In Florida, water that is unfiltered can taste gross but I do not drink bottled because of the BPA’s and waste.


The red one is my everyday water bottle but it is huge and doesn’t fit into my cars cup holders so I needed to downsize. The new one was $10 and BPA free.

Today’s workout did not go as planned. It has been storming nearly everyday this week. It finally stopped and I ran (to run) got a quarter of a mile into it and the storming began.


All this rain cemented my decision to join a gym. If I want to train consistently during the rainy (lightening) season, I need to be able to run indoors.

How was your Friday?


3 thoughts on “Friday For the Win

  1. Thank you so much!Did my first run in the shirt and it was amazing. Light weight and sweat wicking plus I'm small on top so the built-in sports bra worked great.

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