Guilty Pleasures

1. Cheesy summer TV. I am not one for reality shows but give me teens, throw in some supernatural/superpowers, a little bit of romance, and I am hooked. Enter The Nine Lives of Chloe King.

It’s a new show on ABC Family based on a series of books. I may have already purchased said books to read after season one is over.

2. Online shopping (browsing). I would barely call it shopping because I usually close the site down before actually purchasing anything. Also see Etsy. Have you ever seen so many beautiful items on one site?

3. Nut butter. Ask anyone who eats lunch with me regularly, I eat a sprouted bread/nut butter sandwich nearly everyday. What they do not know is that breakfast and sometimes dinner also includes the substance. Oh well, I run so I can smear bananas in nut butter.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Please check out the awesome response that Adam The Boring Runner received for his virtual 5K. I am only a third of the way into reading the race reports but most are funny and informative. (You can also check that I did not come in last even though I ran the slowest 5K in my life.)


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