Man Meals

J has been hinting the past few weeks, that he is not so into my new eating habits. (By hinting I mean saying he did not want to eat what I cooked and that he was going to Burger King.) I do all the grocery shopping, meal planning, and cooking in our house. That usually works out to a rule of you will eat what I cook. Don’t get me wrong, I do try to make things I think he will like but it is hard. My food budget is limited, as is the time I have to prepare meals. The vast majority of my workouts are done after work, and before dinner, so if a meal takes longer than 40 minutes, that can push it to 8 PM. So what’s a girl to do?

I need to find healthy, quick, reasonably priced meals to prepare for week night dinners. The other requirement is that the vast majority need to be meat-free. We do eat meat but I do not like to eat it frequently. I will start thumbing through my cookbooks and the internet, to find some J approved meals.

I would like to start documenting them here which might help others who are dealing with family members that are having are harder time adapting to their lifestyle changes. (I know there are others out there including a friend who feeds her husband organic eggs from a store-brand egg carton because he thinks he can tell the difference between the two.)

How do you balance pleasing family and cooking healthy on a budget?


2 thoughts on “Man Meals

  1. That sounds frustrating! I'm planning on doing some recipe testing where J will review my cooking and I'll post the results. Maybe I'll stumble on something.

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