15K and a dilemma

I was perusing the event calendar for my local running store (The Track Shack) when I spotted a 15K. The races in my area are dominated by 5K’s and I want to branch out, try something new so this race really spoke to me.

So far in my running I have been cautious. I do not want to get injured, or push myself further than a beginner should, so I have played it safe.

Jeff Galloway recommends runners not start doing any speed training until they have run one year and done six weeks of hills. That seemed reasonable, so my plan has been to start adding hills one day per week, continue running three days a week with a long run on the weekend where I slowly add mileage. The next phase after the six-weeks of hills, was to start training for my first half on November 20th.

My goal was/is to run the Women’s Half-Marathon in St. Pete on November 20th.

Here’s the dilemma, can a beginner do both of these races?

I looked around a little and found a beginners training plan for the 15K from Hal Higdon that seems doable. The half is 8 weeks after the 15K. Is that to close together? I think with the race distances being similar in distance, that it seems like it can work.

Do you have any advice for me? Any training plan recommendations?


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