Good Bread

I love to bake. I love the feel of it and the simplicity of baking bread.

I have a sourdough starter at all times in the fridge. This weekend, I decided to refresh it and start on the four day odyssey which is Basic Sourdough Bread from The Bread Baker’s Apprentice.

It was a success.

I generally eat sprouted bread, so eating white flour sourdough is such a treat.

The recipe makes two loaves. I kept one at home and brought the other into work. Nothing like the appreciation co-workers give you when you ply them with food. Compliments on my baking/cooking always make my day.

I had a lot of the loaf left over and decided it was french toast for dinner. I cooked some apples with cinnamon and honey on top of Greek yogurt for a side. The french toast is of course topped with Vermont maple syrup because this New Englander only eats the real stuff.

Today was my rest day and I really needed it. This week has been long but Friday is just around the corner.


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