If you know me, you know that J and I love animals. Tail and Alia (our cats) are treasured members of our family. This year, we have started to collect strays.

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We have a racing Pigeon that lives in our guest bathroom.


This pigeon was wandering aimlessly in the cul-de-sac near our house when he started to follow J up to our front door. The pigeon stood there for awhile and he became concerned that it may be injured or hungry. He also noticed that the pigeon had an identifying bracelet on its leg. We tried to track down the owner but they did not want him back. We contacted animal sanctuaries, pigeon clubs, and message boards of pigeon fans but cannot find a good home for the pigeon.

So until we can find a suitable home for the pigeon, its permanent residence is in the guest bathroom.

Today when I was watering my garden, I noticed a dog laying down in our backyard and leaning up against our house. The dog did not seem aggressive but I slowly walked back into the house. J had seen the same dog earlier and was pretty sure it was a stray. The dog is a pit-bull and did not have tags, so we are afraid to call animal control because they may euthanize what seems to be a friendly dog. I grew up with pit bulls and am not afraid of them but know the way people view them and how difficult it will be to find a place to take this dog. I did check if there were any Pit-bull rescues in the area but they are at capacity and unable to take any more dogs.

I do not know what to do. The poor dog is skin and bones. We put out cat food and water which the dog ate voraciously. I plan to pick-up dog food at the store tomorrow but am stumped as what we can do for this dog. 

Does anyone know of a rescue in Central Florida who would pick-up this dog?


2 thoughts on “Menagerie

  1. I agree it is terrible. We actually made some headway on finding a place that will take the dog. Hopefully we will find her a place this weekend.

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