Carrots and make-ahead meals

I harvested the remainder of my carrots this afternoon. I needed to make room in the garden plus the greens were starting to wilt, so I knew that they were ready.

05 30 11_0430

Not having any concrete plans for the carrots, I started to look for recipes online. I found a soup recipe that required minimal ingredients, that I had on hand, and was on a blog that I regularly read. 101 Cookbooks is a great resource for recipes (and food porn) that are natural, wholesome, and vegetarian.

I chopped up the carrots. Nothing smells as sweat as fresh carrots. It really is a different vegetable from what you can buy in the grocery store.

05 30 11_0433

Added them to the sautéed garlic and onion.

05 30 11_0434

After they cooled, I put them in the blender to puree the chunks of carrot.

05 30 11_0437

Cooking on Sunday (or in this case Monday) meals such as soup or sauce can really cut down the amount of time spent in the kitchen after a long day at work. I also tend to workout in the evenings, so this gives me the flexibility to have healthy, home-cooked meals and still eat dinner at a reasonable hour.

Do you have any kitchen shortcuts that make weekday meals easier?


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