Craving Italian

J and I have been craving Italian food for a few weeks. I love living in Central Florida but being both Italian and having grown up in Connecticut, I am used to many choices of wonderful restaurants and home cooked meals. The original plan was to go to The Corner Store in Plant City but it closed early because of the holiday weekend. Hopefully, I can make it out there next weekend.

Celebration, Florida is a town built by Disney. Literally. The houses are beautiful and it has a cool small-town feel to it. It is also fairly close to where we live and filled with great restaurants. Craving Italian, going to Cafe D’Antonio’s was the obvious choice. We had eaten there a few years ago and enjoyed it.

Before we ate, we walked around downtown Celebration and looked in some of the shops.

05 28 11_0412 05 28 11_0416

05 28 11_0413 05 28 11_0414

To start, I had a Sam Adams. Not my favorite but a go to when a place has limited beer choices.

05 28 11_0418_edited-1 05 28 11_0420

We split an appetizer of shrimp in a creamy saffron sauce. It was pretty tasty.

05 28 11_0423

We had salads. My salad had mixed greens, strawberries, golden raisins, goat cheese, pine nuts, and a berry vinaigrette. It was really good and I would defiantly order it again. J had a Caesar Salad which he liked.

05 28 11_0424 05 28 11_0425

I had pasta (I substituted the angel hair for low GI farro pasta) with sundried tomatoes, garlic, basil, and olive oil. It was very good.

05 28 11_0426

J had fettuccini alfredo with a side of Italian sausage. He thought the pasta was a bit generic.

05 28 11_0428_edited-1 05 28 11_0427_edited-1

05 28 11_0419

Overall, we liked Cafe D’Antonio’s. It has a romantic vibe and the location makes for a lovely night out.


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