Run 4 Dreams 5K Race Report

This race started at the beautiful Wyndham Grand Resort in Reunion. It was the best experience with race bathrooms because they were in the hotel and super clean. The pre-race festivities were held in a tent right off one of Reunion’s three golf courses.

05 21 11_0343 
05 21 11_0344

The weather was beautiful but definitely starting to get hot. They had a DJ playing upbeat music and the Sunshine Foundation’s mascot was getting everyone to start dancing. The Sunshine Foundation
Mission Statement from their website:
Sunshine Foundation’s sole purpose is to answer the dreams of chronically ill, seriously ill, physically challenged and abused children ages three to eighteen, whose families cannot fulfill their requests due to financial strain that the child’s illness may cause.

They started the pre-race welcome with introducing one of the children that the Sunshine Foundation helped. He is six years old and was able to come to Central Florida with his family and go to the theme parks. He was very cute and excited about seeing Mickey Mouse.

05 21 11_0345

Before we headed up to the starting line, I made J take a picture. He looks so excited to be up so early on a Saturday. 

05 21 11_0342
Yes, that is a banana and no, he’s not just happy to see you.

The race was pretty small I would guess about 50 people.

At the starting line, I saw that J was taking a picture and tried to smile for the camera.

05 21 11_0346

The race was an out and back. It started off by going down a fairly large (especially by Florida standards) hill. The downhill running was not a problem but I did spend a lot of the race dreading having to run back up it at the end.

The houses in Reunion are really nice and interesting architecturally.I enjoyed looking at them. Part of the run took you around another golf course which was just a gorgeous as the other golf courses.
My goal was to stay at around an 11 minute per mile pace which I did for a lot of the race. There was some walking mixed in. I did get passed by a woman pushing a jogging stroller.

The hill I was dreading was much worse at the end of the race and I walked for some of it. There was not much of a finish line but there was a brick cross walk. I assumed when I crossed it, we were done and I started to slow down but I was wrong. Twenty feet after the first brick crosswalk there was another brick crosswalk which was the actual finish line. When I started to slow after the first one, two people started to yell “Don’t stop yet, it’s just ahead.”

Crossing the right finish line. (Check the bright red face. The hill almost killed me.)

05 21 11_0347

Being a new Garmin user, I of course forgot to press stop right when I finished, so I know it is a bit off. I also forgot to hit the lap button, so I do not have my split times. 


All done and ready for some food.
05 21 11_0349


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