I don’t want to go to work tomorrow (Otherwise known as Sunday)

Today started out as most Sundays do with breakfast, meal planning, coupon clipping, and grocery shopping.

After the grocery store, I did a workout from the Nike Training Club app. called Mean Machine. It was 45 minutes of very mean, very intense sweating. It had a good balance of cardio and weights. The app has a ton of variety to it and it’s free, so really there is no harm in downloading it.

Mean Machine made my stomach start growling. I had half of a Santa Fe Chicken Wrap (guiltless grill style) from our dinner at Chili’s last night. It was pretty good but huge.

05 15 11_0325

I also had some Greek yogurt with blueberries and wheat germ.

05 15 11_0326
05 15 11_0327

Now it is time for laundry and some house tidying. I will leave you with some cute cat pictures because what else can cure the Sunday blues besides some cute cats?

05 13 11_0311 05 13 11_0312
03 26 11_0110 03 26 11_0115


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