Kale Pie and a dilemma

It is unbearably hot here. There are a lot of great things about the weather in Central Florida but the time from April through October can only be described two ways hellish or rainy. My daily runs are suffering because of the heat and humidity. It makes it difficult to breath and slows me down significantly. I have two options, join a gym or run in the dark before work.

During this week of unbearable weather of course our air-conditioning broke. Living here without AC is difficult, but luckily J got everything up and running or I might be writing this from a hotel.

The Kale Pie is from an old issues of Everyday Food I had lying around. It was a perfect weekday meal because I made it on Sunday, froze it, and cooked it for dinner during the week. I love week-day dinners that I can prep on the weekends.

05 11 11_0304

Tomato, basil, olive oil, and vinegar salad. Refreshing and super easy, perfect for Florida.

05 11 11_0305

Right before digging in
05 11 11_0308

The pie can be eaten warm, as I did here, or cold as I did for lunch the following day.

Every so often someone does something surprising and super sweet for no reason at all. One of the women I work with passed out cups with little treats inside to everyone that works on my floor. She included the following note.

2011-05-11 11.57.29

This made my day.


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