Early anniversary and The Derby

J decided on Saturday, after my 5K, that he wanted to go to Disney for a last hurrah before finals. The next three weeks are going to be brutal and we won’t see much of each other. Spending the day at Epcot and looking at the flowers, was just perfect. After a nap and some foam rolling, I washed off my many layers of sun block and grime from the race and put on all new layers of sun block.

We went on my favorite ride, The land. J let me pick out a new perfume in Paris as an early anniversary gift.
He also bought me my favorite candy bar of all time in England.


After a few hours of waking around, our stomachs were growling. Of course Easter week-end at Epcot means that you cannot get a seat at any of the sit-down restaurants. We decided to call The Brown Derby, where we had eaten once before, in Hollywood Studios to see if they had any openings. We were in luck

04 23 11_0257

J had a Shirley Temple.

04 23 11_0258 
04 23 11_0256

J had a filet.

04 23 11_0261
I had fish.
04 23 11_0262

The best part of the meal was the salads. J had the Cobb salad, which was invented at the Brown Derby.

04 23 11_0260
I had a spinach salad and berry salad.
04 23 11_0259

J took home a piece of cake for dessert. I don’t think we will get entrees here again. For the price, the food is rather bland and they have not changed the menu in years.

I did catch Tail sleeping in the strangest/cutest way before we left for Disney. He likes to sleep on that part of the couch so he can always have eyes on our other cat. Hence the twisted sleeping position. Still cute even if it makes him a stalker. 

04 24 11_0264


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