Pizza, Pizza

I love pizza. Deep dish, thin crust, Greek pizza, wood-fired, and coal-fired. I also love to bake, especially bread, and find working with dough to be very therapeutic. Making pizza dough costs pennies, uses ingredients you probably already have, and takes about ten minutes to make four servings. I always like to have some pizza dough in my freezer. The recipe I use is adapted from Fresh Loaf which is a definitive bread baking site that is a must read.  
I adapted the recipe by using a 50/50 mix of unbleached white bread and whole-wheat flour.
First mix.                                                                           
04 17 11_0229
Dough that is ready to be bagged.
04 17 11_0230
04 17 11_0235

Sauce for J.                                          

04 20 11_0237
Pesto made with basil, garlic, and Greek yogurt for me.           
04 20 11_0243                                                                             
Ready for the pizza stone that was heated at 500 for two plus hours. Parchment paper is a must even if you have a pizza peel. It makes everything much less messy.
04 20 11_0240 04 20 11_0249
Dinner time,
04 20 11_0245
Sadly, I was starving and starting eating right as it cooled. No pictures of that finished product.
I am running a 5k on Saturday. It is the Run for the Trees Jeanette Genius McKean Memorial 5K. The prizes, not that I have any hope to win one, are actually trees  I love that and think it will be the perfect way to spend the day after Earth Day.  

Do you have a favorite go to meal that is quick and you enjoy making?


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