This weekend has been very productive. I started Saturday by waking up early and getting out of the house to Lake Eva Park to do my long run (just over five miles). I have adjusted my schedule to a long run every other week, with each one one mile longer than the previous until I hit ten miles. This is the advice that Jeff Galloway gives in his book Book on Running. I am still in the base part of the training pyramid he describes. He also advices not taking on speed training until you have met the following qualifications:

  • One year of running
  • At least two months of aerobic running
  • 4-6 weeks of hill training 

Using this criteria, I will start incorporating hill training into my weekly runs on June 12 and start training for a half-marathon on July 31 which is after I will have met all of the above.
The half I want to run is the Women’s Half Marathon in St. Pete which takes place on November 20th. I really like the idea of my first half being all women and the November date gives me plenty of time to prepare. 

I (mostly) finished organizing my office. There are still books scattered throughout the house but I am slowly going through them and finding new places for them. It feels so nice to have space to move around in this room especially since I often exercise in here. Now I can do this without worrying about kicking furniture. 

04 17 11_0213 04 17 11_0214

I’m off to finish this productive streak by making pizza dough for pesto pizza for one of the weeknight dinners and to finish washing the greens I harvested from my garden. Then it will be more laundry and hopefully some kind of strength training workout. 


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