Food you can’t live without

I noticed tonight as I made my weekly salad, that I go through two to three pints of grape tomatoes a week. Every week. The reason is laziness. I do not want to eat a salad without tomatoes but the idea of chopping larger tomatoes, seems to be a great a task. 

Strawberry Kefir. I eat it every morning in my cereal mixture. It is sweet, creamy, and aids in digestion. A few weeks ago, I ran out. On my weekly grocery trip, Publix was out of the strawberry flavored Kefir. The horror of using MILK in my cereal was unreal. As if waking up in the morning and going to work is not bad enough, now I was without my strawberry, pro biotic deliciousness.

I (J) did finish putting together the entertainment unit for my office. One small problem, I need to move my computer desk to the opposite wall but do not have an Ethernet cable long enough to reach. I can order on but until it gets here my office has very little room to maneuver in it. At least with the assistance (he did all of it) I am not still working on deciphering the pictogram’s that IKEA calls instructions. 
04 11 11_0212

What foods are your must haves?


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