The land of the living

I have been slowly climbing back into the land of the living. I’ve had a head cold since Sunday that caused me to miss one day of work and a weeks worth of workouts. My nose is raw from the constant blowing and my sinuses ache. Of course the past few days have had gorgeous weather.

On a more pleasant note, last week I went to the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. J and I have season passes, so we go every year but are still blown away by the beauty and creativity those who put this festival together.

They had woodland creature topiary. 

04 02 11_Flower and Garden Festival_0155 
Beautiful vegetables. 

04 02 11_Flower and Garden Festival_0178

Tea garden.

04 02 11_Flower and Garden Festival_0180 
Beauty and the  

beauty and the beast top. 
Innovative advertising for an upcoming DisneyNature movie.  

Sandcarving Cats 3 
Sandcarving Cats 2

We finished the day at Downtown Disney. We ate dinner at Raglan Road which may have the best fish and chips this side of the Atlantic. They also have an Irish dancer who dances on a stage in the center of the restaurant and an Irish band. Overall, it was a wonderful Saturday. I was also able to knock out just over five miles in the morning.


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