March and Goals

I have been sick with a head cold for the past few days. Being home sick from work makes me think about my goals. Right now, my job is a dead-end. I do not particularly enjoy it, I am not well-paid, but with my husband in law school full-time and the terrible state of the economy (especially in Florida), I am obliged to keep it. 2011 is the year I turn 30 which seems somewhat monumental. It is also a year that I would like to start righting myself, pushing myself in the right direction. That way when J is done with law school, he is at the end of his first year, I will be ready to make big changes in my life.

One place where I am achieving is in my running. I am still on the slow side but am slowly picking up the mileage. Each month since I started tracking has increased (minus the short month of February). 

Dailymile March 11

This month I ran a PR (35.24) 5K in the Shamrock Walk and Run 5k. This was my first local 5k and the first where there was a run with your dog component.

March featured my first giveaway. Silk Giveaway which was fun and I hope to be able to do more of.

My longest run so far has been a 6.51 long run from March 19th. I have really started to incorporate slower long runs and am really enjoying running slow.

Are you working on any current goals, running or otherwise? What are you doing to obtain them?


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