J’s Birthday

We met my Mother, Brother, and Tom (my Mom’s boyfriend) at the lounge. They were watching the basketball game (Go UCONN) when we got there and we joined them for a free drink. 
Dinner was at Council Oak which we had eaten at once before. J is a huge fan of steak and always wants one on his birthday.
They have display cases of the different cuts of meat in the front of the restaurant. Lots of red meat to someone like me who never eats steak and maybe eats meat, of any kind, once a month.
03 26 11_0139 03 26 11_0141
We started with a rather large seafood platter. It was very delicious.
03 26 11_0149

We may have drunk too much wine.
03 26 11_0145

The first two tries at taking that picture the flash did not go off in the very dark restaurant which I did not notice until my brother pointed out. This one had tons of flash, making J look like Casper.
03 26 11_0147_edited-1-1
Happy 32 J! Hope you enjoyed your steak and super extra nasty dirty martini.

I have five and half miles on deck for tomorrow. My goal is to get up early enough to run before it’s 80 degrees. I will need much willpower to get my butt out of the house that early on a Saturday but I will try.


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