Silk Giveaway and Bzzing

I love free stuff. My friends and acquaintances will tell you that I’m a coupon queen. One of the best programs I’ve found to try new products and get free stuff is being a BzzAgent. A BzzAgent uses word-of-mouth marketing to spread buzz (bzz) about new products.

My current campaign is Silk who make soymilk, almond milk, and coconut milk. I have six free half-gallon coupons to give away to my readers. To win all you have to do is one (or all) of the following.

1. Follow Dina Runs and post in the comments section that you are a follower.
2. Post your favorite way to use soy, almond, or coconut milk.
3. Blog/Tweet/Facebook about this giveaway and post that you did so in the comments.
I will pick a winner on Tuesday, March 29th using the random number generator and mail out the coupons to the winner.

Long run Saturday was amazing! Five miles in my favorite park really let me run off all the stress of work. Now I’m off to pretty myself up to get ready for J’s birthday dinner number one at the casino in Tampa.

03 26 11_0129
Me before my long run and after tending the garden.

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