Shamrock Walk and Run 5K

The Shamrock Walk and Run 5K was awesome for two reasons, green fountains and a personal best 5K time. The race took place in downtown Winter Haven in front of the library. The area has two fountains both which were dyed green much to the amazement of the children at the race. They just couldn’t believe how fountain water could be so drastically changed. 

Now to the PR. Drum roll please…I ran (walked a little) 35.24 which works out to 11.24 miles. My last race was 37.48, so this was a significant improvement. The race being later in the day, it started at 3PM, really gave me more time to warm-up which I think made a big difference. I will have force myself to get to 7:30 AM races early enough to take this important step. It really is nice to know that I am seeing some results, even slow ones, because I have been working my butt off. 

This 5k was different than the other two I ran. It was  more low key, smaller, and more family(and dog) oriented. I can see the draw of the larger races, the organization is more stream lined, the courses maybe better laid out, and using the D-Tag’s for time is probably a bit more accurate. The things I loved about this was the family atmosphere. There were tons of kids running with their parents and whole families cheering each other on at the finish line. Plus the dogs.

This race also included a one mile run with your dog. I was lucky enough to get a good spot at the finish line to watch people cross the finish line with their happy pooches. The cutest may have been the two dachshunds who have teeny, tiny little legs but a lot of heart when they run.

Is that a tulip? An onion? Not so sure.
Cool and festive or gross?

 I have six miles through my favorite park tomorrow. Looking forward to shaking off the stressful week I’ve had at work.  


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