Total miles: 34 miles. Five less than last month but a stomach bug caused me to miss one run.
Cross Training: Assorted Walk Away the Pounds and 30 Day Shred level three. I am so desperate to shake this up but am stumped as what to do. I would like to join a gym but the cost is prohibitive. Buying a bike is also cost prohibitive. Maybe I need to get a second job to finance my workout needs?
Race: Run Around the Pines. My second race was as amazing as the first. I enjoyed every second and am anxious to do more.
Upcoming Races: Shamrock Walk & Run on 3/12 in Winter Haven. This will be my first race close to my house and the first one in the afternoon. I am so excited that J will actually be able to attend this one (and maybe get actual photographic evidence of my running).
Song: Young Blood by The Naked and The Famous. The use of this in the Chuck/Sara proposal scene on Chuck just makes me love it even more.
Book: I finished the Mockingjay which is the third book in the Hunger Games series. With the adventure, the intrigue, and the love triangle, it is no wonder this series is such a big hit. Please read these books if you have not.
Training Goals: I have decided to run a half marathon in 2011. The St. Pete Women’s Half takes place at the end of November, which gives me plenty of time to train. According to Jeff Galloway, a runner should have a solid year of running before they move out of their base (mileage) building phase. One year is in August, which gives me 16 weeks before the half. 
Tail on a cabinet trying hard not to be bad.



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