House of Hope Run Around the Pines 5k presented by Florida Hospital

I love to race! I have wanted to run a race for the past few years but was always to scared. Scared I would look foolish, wouldn’t finish, or thought I would never be fit enough. I am sorry I held myself back from something that turns out to be so much fun.

This race was fast, flat and lots of people PR on it. It takes place in Winter Park, Florida and goes through some of the older neighborhoods around the Cady Trail. The houses here are nice but not eye popping. It felt like a real community with lots of people standing in their driveways handing out water, bagels, and cheering us on. I love seeing that. It really shows how something as simple as a race can pull a community together. So often, such as in my neighborhood, people do not even wave at each other.

This race was for charity and there were people dressed as pineapples who when passed, a $1 was donated to The Track Shack Foundation. I never saw these any pineapples but they must have been up with the much speedier runners while I started just in front of the race walkers.

Picture taken from The Track Shack Facebook page found here.
My stats:
Clock time 38:57
Chip time 37:48
Pace 12:09.9
I am pleased with how I did. Six months into running, I am trying to build a solid base and want to enjoy myself. Check and check!

5K Race Report


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