I was finally able to run yesterday after almost a week off. My time off started with the 30 degree windy weather in the beginning last week. This girl who has lived in Central Florida for sis years cannot be outside for prolonged periods of time in that kind of weather. On Tuesday an ingrown toenail, that I have had for a while, started to throb and I knew I would have to do something about it. The podiatrist said I would need to stay off of it until at least Friday. Excuses aside, the run on Saturday was glorious. Three miles in beautiful 70 degree weather with blue sky’s. Perfection.

This run was my first “long” (three miles), slow run. After reading Jeff Galloway’s book, I have a much better idea of what that kind of run should be like. I kept it at about 13 mile per minute pace which felt nice but slow. The greatest thing about running with Nike Plus, is that I was able to keep checking myself to make sure I wasn’t speeding up to much.

So here is to being back on track and no more sidelining toe injuries.


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